Do you want to become a volunteer?
We all know that the operational success of any sporting event is largely due to the active and voluntary collaboration of citizens. Their work is essential to be able to carry out various basic functions for the proper development of any event, such as secretarial support, judges, protocol, access control, sustainability, etc. Being part of the volunteer team of this Championship means collaborating in the organisation of the most important sporting event in the world of triathlon. It is a unique opportunity to enjoy this sport, to get to know the people and all the details that have been seen around a World Championship. Anyone who wants to can be part of this great team, as long as they have the time and desire to help, to lend their hands.

Link to the Volunteer Registration Form.

Volunteers Coordinator: Monica Flores (monica.flores.ferreiro@gmail.com)

Important notice!
A minimum collaboration of 2 days of competition is mandatory, which you must indicate in your registration. The exact hours of collaboration will depend on the role you choose.


Registration and Accreditation Sector

  • Preparing bags for triathletes
  • Distribution of bibs and bag to participants
  • Check lists for race bib distribution.
  • Basic information for athletes about any aspect linked to the event.

Support to Race Course Director Section

  • Support in beach access control (swim start and swim section)
  • Support in transitions: Direct the flow of triathletes, control in transition area, bag drop-cloack area.
  • Athletes areas (Age Group area and Elite/U23, Junior Para villas)
  • Aid stations: Swim-Bike-Run-Finish
  • Control of the movement of people on the field of play and facilities
  • Movement of bikes
  • Support at the water exit of the Paratriathlon (Handlers)
  • Antidoping control

Protocol and Ceremonies Sector

  • VIPs attention
  • Support in award ceremonies

Media and Press Sector

  • Accreditation and press service in the Media Center
  • Supporting the media in the competition areas

Logistics-Volunteer Sector

  • Access control to the venue.
  • Control of the material entry and exit to/from the warehouse
  • Organisation of the warehouse
  • Transport of material to different points of the playing fields
  • Accreditation and reception of volunteers
  • Accommodation, provision, care and support of volunteers
  • Transportation of volunteers to their different functions and/or accommodation
  • Control and supervision of transport vans
  • Support to other sectors

Sustainability and Environment Sector

  • Customer service at the sustainability stand
  • Collaboration in the environmental and sustainability management of the event.
  • Information on the event's sustainability actions
  • Conducting surveys
  • Management of materials to promote and ensure sustainability
  • Keeping the sustainability stand tidy and supervised
  • Support to other sectors