Bike Technical Assistance

The official bike shop Bikephilosophy will provide the bike technical assistance during the event. 

Technical assistance in Bikephilosophy Malaga shop: from monday the 7th. till monday the 21st. in the shop usual schedule.

 Camino San Rafael, nº 69, Málaga.
 951 215 551 / 667 684 699
 Lun a Vie | 09:30-14:00 / 16:30-19:30
 Sab | 10:00-14:00

Technical assistance in the EXPO-Fan Zone: during the opening days/hours of the EXPO-Fan Zone.

Technical assistance in the Transition Area on race days: For last minute adjustments, on competition days. Additionally, near the Transition Area we will have a Scandic ONBIZI bike repair station free to use for the athletes.

Note that this technical service is only for emergency cases. All athletes must bring their bikes in perfect racing conditions.

Terms for Elite/U23, Junior and Para athletes: will be charged only for parts.

Terms for Age Group athletes: will be charged for parts and labor at store rate.